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I have a custom datagridviewcolumn, a custom control hosted in a cell. I want to programmatically exit edit mode and validate the current value in the cell (this value is correct). I have checked below ways but without success:


also by forcing the current cell to change:

this.datagridview.currentCell = this.datagridview.Rows[rowIndex].Cells[columnIndex]

I need to programmatically force the commit of the pending value in the cell because for example, there are cases that I need to delete a row of datagridview but as cell (in the same row being deleted) is in edit mode, I cannot do it if I do not commit changes for the cell and exit edit mode before.

Also, I have similar strange behaviour when I want to exit edit mode but, in this case, discarding the changes in the cell: depending on the state of my application, sometimes doing this.datagridview.CancelEdit() works and sometimes not.

Using C#, .NET Framework 4.0, WinForms.

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Add this code


to force the event to fire:

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