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So I'm trying to figure out how to properly do this. I'm pretty new to jquery and definitely need detailed help to help me keep moving along.

I currently have a click event with a few animations. I got the basics of what I want the animation to do. Here's what i've done. After the code break i'll explain my problem.


    $('#logo-wrapper').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#logo').delay(100).animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#about-prj').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    return false;
    $('#logo-wrapper').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#logo').delay(100).animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#weekly-updates').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    return false;
    $('#logo-wrapper').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#logo').delay(100).animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    $('#submit-drop-down').animate({height:'toggle'}, 1000);
    return false;

    $('#logo-wrapper').animate({height:'toggle'} );
    $('#about-prj').animate({height:'toggle'} );
    $('#weekly-updates').animate({height:'toggle'} );
    $('#submit-drop-down').animate({height:'toggle'} );


As you probably have seen, the problem I'm getting is that when i click the first link. The animation happens and it looks great. But if i click the next link the other animation happens below the first one. - without the first one closing first and the second animation happening and so on.

make sense?

  • Also any tips on consolidating the code and making it more efficient. I do realize that I wrote the same thing 3 times and just changed class and ids. If there's a better way to write less code that would help me understand jquery even more.

Also, when I click the .x-icon div. All sorts of craziness happens.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Like I said, I'm pretty new to jquery. So bare with me if I seem even more confused.


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Set up a fiddle at jsfiddle.net make sure to choose I query framework :) – VIDesignz Nov 7 '12 at 1:55
Check the jQuery queue() and dequeue() methods. – inhan Nov 7 '12 at 2:06
What do you want to happen? Can you post a fiddle at jsfiddle.net with some relevant markup? – pete Nov 7 '12 at 20:27

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