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Is it possible to require ruby files just in time? for example you have a file following classes:

require "bar"
class Foo

require "bar2"
class Bar

require "bar3"
class Bar2

require "foo"
class Bar3

Now I d like to just require the file "bar", if I call something in "foo", which needs stuff out of "bar". But if I require "bar" all the other files will be required also. Is there a way to require files just in time without Runtime Errors? Or is that already the way ruby does it? :) In my case I have a lot of files, and these files all requires a lot of other stuff and sometimes each other. I want to reduce the load work.. Is there something like "require only if"?

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Hope this will help:… – halfelf Nov 7 '12 at 2:57

you could implement lazy loading via ruby's autoload:

you might want to consider, there are/have been controveries regarding thread-safety. rails uses it heavily, though.

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