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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Image_Moo library for Codeigniter.

I have integrated it with my CodeIgniter project quite well except for one function.

That function is the save_dynamic() function.

When i run the following code, it doesnt display anything at all, not even errors .. The following code is what i have in my View.

<?php $this->image_moo->load("/photo-1.gif")->resize(100,100)->save_dynamic(); ?>

If anyone has used this library, i would love some help.


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Have you tried if($this->image_moo->errors) print $this->image_moo->display_errors(); ? Have you looked through the CI forum: codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/161469 ? What versions are you using? –  stormdrain Nov 7 '12 at 18:08
Have you ever figured this out? I have the same problem. I will say that its possible $this will not see the CI instance, in the view. (It does in the controller.) –  Base Desire Jan 4 '13 at 15:19

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call it from a controller

public function show_image($width,$height,$text,$bordersize,$watermark='on',$directory,$location)

    ->load($directory . '/' . $location)
    ->make_watermark_text($text, "assets/machine.ttf", 65, "#fff")

    if ($watermark == 'on') {


//usage: http://localhost/xampp/index.php/upload/show_image/1200/600/Jason/5/on/uploads/72198_1671772401137_5046618_n.jpg
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