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in i have a string that looks like this

"text text text                           

so in the end of it there are spaces and a new empty line

How can make this look like

"text text text"
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var s = @"text text text                           
Console.Write(s.TrimEnd() + "<-- End"); // Output: text text text<-- End

TrimEnd trims from the end of the string, Trim removes from both the beginning and end of the string.

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What if the first line is text text text , and you want to keep those spaces on that line, but just remove the ending line with no text? So the output should be text text text <-- End – Suamere Dec 3 '13 at 17:23
In that case it would be easier to Split via the newline: var result = s.Split('\n')[0]; – Simon Whitehead Dec 3 '13 at 21:10

You're looking for the Trim() method.

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Dim value As String = "text text text                           
Dim trimmed As String = value.Trim()

Trim removes leading and trailing whitespace. String data often has leading or trailing whitespace characters such as newlines, spaces or tabs. These characters are usually not needed. With Trim we strip these characters in a declarative way.


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I'm not sure that Trim() will cut the new lines too...if not you can use it with param - Trim('\n') or Trim('\t') for tabs or even specify a list of characters which you'd like to cut off.

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