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A problem happened about Fourier descriptor: if a contour has K point,then let

s(k)= x(k)+i y(k),k = 0,1,...,K-1.

the s(k) discrete Fourier transform is

a(u)=∑s(k)*e^(-i2πuk/K), k = 0,1,...,K-1.

I want to inverse the contour with a(p) ,p=0,1...,P,the P is less than K. But when use dft function in Opencv:


the output array has the same size with input array, how can I get a K points contour with P parameters a(p)? Thanks!!

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actually the output array size should be equal to the input array size, revise the mathematical model of the DFT https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/mdft/Mathematics_DFT.html

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The essence of the link should be included in your answer; links on the internet tend to go stale. –  Elliott Frisch May 12 at 3:07
sorry i'll be careful next time and thanks –  RaceQueen92 May 12 at 21:06

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