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Let's suppose that I got lib.so, I compile the binary mySoft and I link this to lib.so.

At this point, considering that everything is working as expected, It's safe or not to take lib.so and strip it with strip -s lib.so ?

To be clear I'm not interested on linking other binaries to my lib.so after mySoft is properly generated, I'm only interested on keep mySoft working and gain some disk space and maybe a small edge in terms of performances.

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Yes, it's safe. strip only removes symbols that are not needed (because they have already been linked). Those symbols are useful for debugging, but they are never needed just for executing the code.

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thanks, i forgot to add the part about static libraries, but I suppose that it's safe to strip the entire binary in this case. –  user1797612 Nov 7 '12 at 3:30

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