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I have table called wp_email_subscription and inside table I have rows of emails from subscribed users. Each row contains id, email, and name column.

I have also created admin page for plugin where I would like to list all emails from subscribed table.

Basically I don't know how to use wpdb functions, I have read wpdb instructions from wp website but I don't understand.

what I need is to select all from wp_email_subscription and foreach row to display email and name column in list.

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you have to use global wpdp variable and get_result function in your code page like this...

global $wpdb;

$row = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM wp_email_subscription");

    foreach ( $row as $row ) 
    { echo "email:".$row->email.";} //$row->your_column_name in table

like this you can access all columns by $variable->col_name

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This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks for your answer. – Aleksandar Đorđević Nov 7 '12 at 9:01

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