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In this particular part of code Xcode finds the following error: Reference to 'move' is ambiguous. Additionally, it says that: enumeration value 'move' not handled in switch; which is a nonsense since the class with that value is included.

                    case nothing: break;
                    case lft: piece[mn].turnLeft(); break;
                    case rght: piece[m].turnRight(); break;
                    case rear: piece[m].aboutFace(); break;
                    case move:
                    case attck:

The Class is as follows:

enum provinceName {anjou, flandre, gascogne, bretagne};
enum compassPoint {U, R, D, L};
enum recommendation {move, nothing, lft, rght, rear, attck};
enum id {empty, ally, enemy, abyss};

// this struct is given to the unit when a recommendation is requested
struct intel{
    id inFront;
    int inFrontNum;

    id inRear;
    int inRearNum;

    id inLeft;
    int inLeftNum;

    id inRight;
    int inRightNum;

    compassPoint nearestEnemyDir;
    int nearestEnemyDist;
    int nearestEnemyNum;

    compassPoint weakestEnemyDir;
    int weakestEnemyDist;
    int weakestEnemyNum;

    compassPoint strongestEnemyDir;
    int strongestEnemyDist;
    int strongestEnemyNum;

    compassPoint nearestAllyDir;
    int nearestAllyDist;
    int nearestAllyNum;

    compassPoint weakestAllyDir;
    int weakestAllyDist;
    int weakestAllyNum;

    compassPoint strongestAllyDir;
    int strongestAllyDist;
    int strongestAllyNum;

class gamePiece{
    // return the status of the alive variable
    bool onBoard();

    // return the current x value
    int getX();

    // return the current y value
    int getY();

    // return the current direction
    compassPoint getDir();

    // return the number of soldiers in the unit
    int getNumElements();

    // return the province
    provinceName getProvince();

    // set alive to false
    void die();

    // change the direction for a left turn
    void turnLeft();

    // change the direction for right turn
    void turnRight();

    // change the direction for an about face
    void aboutFace();

    // change x and y for a forward move
    void moveForward();

    // roll a die for each soldier in the unit.
    // each 5 or 6 counts as a 'hit'.
    // return the number of hits.
    int attack();

    //return lft, rght, rear, move, attck, or nothing
    recommendation recommend(intel sitRep);

    // reduce the number of soldiers by hits
    int suffer(int hits);

    // construct a nonliving gamepiece

    // construct a living gamepeice
    gamePiece(int col, int row, compassPoint direction, int num, provinceName p);

    int numSoldiers;
    int x;
    int y;
    compassPoint dir;
    provinceName province;
    bool alive;


Can someone please find out what seems to be the problem? Thank you.

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might it be case lft: piece[mn].turnLeft(); break;? whats the mn? isn't it just supposed to be m? I am on the same assignment by the way.

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Thanks for the tip! Can't figure out the assignment yet though :) – user1563544 Nov 10 '12 at 6:09

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