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I need a space efficient probabilistic data structure to store values that I have already computed. For me computation is cheap but space is not - so if this data structure returns a false negative, I am okay with redoing some work every once in a while but false positives are unacceptable. So what I am looking for is sort of the opposite of a Bloom filter.

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See also: Link1‌​, Link2. – TaZ Nov 7 '12 at 9:11
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For false negative you can use lossy hash table or a LRUCache. It is a data structure with fast O(1) look-up that will only give false negatives. if you ask if "Have I run test X", it will tell you either "Yes, you definitely have", or "I can't remember".


    create test_table( some large number of entries )
    clear each entry( test_table, NEVER )
    return test_table

has_test_been_run_before( new_test_details, test_table ):
    index = hash( test_details , test_table.length )
    old_details = test_table[index].detail
    // unconditionally overwrite old details with new details, LRU fashion.
    // perhaps some other collision resolution technique might be better.
    test_table[index].details = new_test_details
    if ( old_details === test_details ) return YES
    else if ( old_details === NEVER ) return NEVER
    else return PERHAPS    

    test_table = setup_test_table();
        test_details = generate_random_test()
        status = has_test_been_run_before( test_details, test_table )
        case status of
           YES: do nothing;
           NEVER: run test (test_details);
           PERHAPS: if( rand()&1 ) run test (test_details);
    next loop

Similarly Bloom filter for false positive

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Please read the question. Bloom filter is exactly what I am NOT looking for. – pathikrit Nov 7 '12 at 17:22
HI Wrick , I modified my answer please let me know if this serves your purpose – Shakti Malik Nov 9 '12 at 9:30

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