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Hello everyone!

We are working on a web application in PHP that is composed by several and different modules. One of this modules is a web crawler, the rest are mostly different proves that will be done once the crawler finishes it's job.

Each one of these modules need to be controlled from a main file that would initially trigger the crawler.We need to establish a communication between the crawler.php and the main.php in order to receive and send real time information from the crawler and also to inform when it finishes so we can trigger the other modules (in parallel) when it does. Long story short, each one of the modules should be able to talk with the supposed main.php file.

At this moment, all the modules are done and fully working, but not the main file.

Among the needs, the system need to be able to:

  1. The main.php need to send instructions to the different modules.
  2. Such as start working, pause, or stop the job.
  3. Each one of the modules need to send information back to the main.php.
  4. Mostly in order to track the progress and trigger different actions.
  5. It would be great that the system doesn't need the user's browser to be open in order to work, in order works, we would like the entire application to be able to run as a background process.

So, here comes the questions!

First of all, I understand this could be done using web sockets, Javascript or even HTML5, how do you find this approach? In case we go for PHP, which possibilities do we have besides using fsockopen or pcntl_fork? Is there any recommendation or better solution that we are missing?

Thanks a lot to anyone helping us out on this complex question. All the best!

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I don't think php is the right technology for this. While it can be done, it's really not the right tool. Any reason why you are doing this in JavaEE? – Codeguy007 Nov 7 '12 at 5:16
@Codeguy007, thanks for your response! We don't have many developers that could make this in Java, I don't really know about JavaEE. But we need to implement this in a cloud, with a huge load of operations as well. – Chris Russo Nov 7 '12 at 6:07
@ChrisRusso This question isn't really a good fit for Stack Overflow, but it certainly is a good one. PHP isn't a good choice for most of what you are doing, but for the web crawler itself PHP is a wonderful choice. I actually wrote a web crawler this week in PHP, so I would know (will be on github soon) and have written a crawler in C++. I much preferred PHP. – Levi Morrison Nov 7 '12 at 17:04
The people who say that PHP can't handle something like this are wrong, unfortunately. PHP is perfectly capable. Non-blocking socket connections can be used to emulate multi-threaded HTTP message retrieval. Implementing the HTTP protocol is non-trivial, though, and you generally should defer to a quality library that can handle this for you. – rdlowrey Nov 7 '12 at 17:27
Thanks Levi Morrison and rdlowrey :) – Chris Russo Nov 8 '12 at 5:32

Php is not for such things, but i'll try to answer

For common task i recommend that each module have some api, receiving any command from socket that he is waiting, but it is hard to implement such thing in php, the easier way to use IPC (inter process communication) such as , or u can communicate by some db or common file (writing commands to table or file, then ur modules read every few seconds from it), but i don't recommend this variant.

I used gearman for such thing in php ( ), but when we got around 20 different scripts it became hell to support them.

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I understand that PHP might not be the best language for something like this, however other requirements of the system made us go for it. Besides that, I also think that the web sockets might be the best option. – Chris Russo Nov 7 '12 at 5:57

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