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I am parsing json data,and i store them into an NSMutableArray. For each data,parameters are as the following format,

    "created":"2012-11-02 16:03:19",

i am parsing about 100K of data,what will be the size(memory) of that array ? Will it be a memory issue if i use it for an iphone app ?

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This is also a useful link stackoverflow.com/questions/1515538/… – Ramz Nov 7 '12 at 5:30
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The array itself won't take that much space -- it's just a bunch of pointers. An array with tens of thousands of items can still only be a few dozen kilobytes. The space taken by the objects that the array contains is likely to be much more significant. But that is something only you can see -- there is no "size of an object in an array." It's like asking "How big is a ball?" It is possible that your data's space needs are problematic, and it's equally possible that there's no problem at all. As with many programming questions, I think the best answer is to try and see for yourself.

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Thank u chuck... i also belive it doesnt take so much of memory. As u said to try n see by myself is not possible in my case...its a Social Networking App and user's info are saved in server page(lakhs of data will be stored only after the product is launched),i am parsing those data and showing on a UITableView(know it wont be a memory issue in case of Table,but i was bit confused about my array) – Nithin M Keloth Nov 7 '12 at 7:51

You can try to find out size of your array with the following piece of code :

size_t total;
 id obj;
 for (obj in array)
    total += class_getInstanceSize([obj class]);

 NSLog(@"Array size : %ld",total); //This will return you size in bytes

you need to do : #import <objc/runtime.h>

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This helped me stop a crash big-time, thank you. I was asynchronously downloading images from a webpages and when the images were too big, the app wouuld crash, by checking the image array size in each iteration of the web sniffer, I was able to stop the crash. – c0d3Junk13 Jun 13 '14 at 18:32

Why can not you download 100 records each time like an apps then are in app store So, That the app will load quicker that before If u want to see the flow of the memory you can go through this link http://mobileorchard.com/find-iphone-memory-leaks-a-leaks-tool-tutorial/

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