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I have a spread sheet with content as below.

1           10/9/2012   10:47:00
1           10/9/2012   10:47:00
1           10/9/2012   10:48:00
1           10/9/2012   10:49:00
1           10/9/2012   10:55:00

I want to create insert statements from these values. so i wrote below formula to generate insert statements.

="INSERT INTO ATTENDANCE (EMPLOYEE_ID, ATT_DATE) VALUES('" & Attendance!A2 & "', to_date('" & TEXT(Attendance!B2,"dd-mmm-yyyy") & "','DD-MON-YYYY'));"

i want to add values in ATT_TIME column to above insert statements. but i'm unable to write formula correctly for that.

how could i add values in ATT_TIME column to my insert statements ?

PS: i'm using oracle database.

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Did you try to_date('" & Attendance!C2 & "','HH24:MI:SS') ?

Here is the complete query

="INSERT INTO ATTENDANCE (EMPLOYEE_ID, ATT_DATE, ATT_TIME) VALUES('" & Attendance!A2 & "', to_date('" & TEXT(Attendance!B2,"dd-mmm-yyyy") & "','DD-MON-YYYY'),to_date('" & Attendance!C2 & "','HH24:MI:SS'));
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Fixed the seconds format from SI to SS. my mistake –  Ahmad Nov 7 '12 at 12:21

i have found solution for my question.

="INSERT INTO ATTENDANCE (EMPLOYEE_ID, ATT_DATE, ATT_TIME) VALUES('"&Attendance!A2&"', to_date('"&TEXT(Attendance!B2,"dd-mmm-yyyy")&"','DD-MON-YYYY'), to_date('"&TEXT(Attendance!C2,"h:mm:ss")&"','HH24:MI:SS'));"
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You could mark the identical answer of Ahmad Al-Mutawa as the accepted one. –  Jüri Ruut Nov 7 '12 at 12:16

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