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Please give me solution. i want to forcibly release memory with arc

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Optimize your code and fix all memory leaks(static+dynamic) and check for allocations. –  Shantanu Nov 7 '12 at 5:56

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You can use an autorelease pool:

@autoreleasepool {
    // do stuff

When the block completes, any autoreleased objects will be released.

You can use autorelease pools in areas of code that might create a bunch of autoreleased objects, typically in a loop. The use of the pool can help ensure that the autoreleased objects are released sooner than they would be without the use of the autorelease pool.

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you dont need to handle memory allocation if you are using ARC!

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Actually, you handle memory allocation every time you call the alloc method. With ARC, you generally don't need to worry about cleaning up memory, but you definitely handle allocation. But there are times where you do need to worry about keeping the memory foot print from getting too big. Autorelease pools can help manage that. –  rmaddy Nov 7 '12 at 6:05

You don't need to take care of memory unless you want to ensure its deallocation as soon as possible. It is the scenario then set that variable to nil

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