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I am writing some Pl/SQl in which I used an array Variable of Length 5.

Then I stored all the Column name of another table into the above declared array. Now I am looking for a solution by which I can use the Array element in select Query to fetch the data from another table which exactly has the column name. Like


The Query in Pl/Sql should be something like this (for reference only)

select arr(1) from Mttable;

==== This generates error when I write the Query in this way

Note- All work should be done in Pl/SQL on Oracle 10g

Please Help.

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You can build up a query in a string and execute the string. My PL/SQL is rusty, but something like:

   query := 'select ' || arr(1) || ' from Mttable';
   execute immediate query;
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This technique is called dynamic SQL and is needed whenever you need to use table or column names as variables in your SQL. – Colin 't Hart Nov 9 '12 at 8:06

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