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I want to get help about beginning of a search engine project.

In Phase I of the project, I am required to develop a simple search engine for a file system:

  1. The search engine takes first as input the name of the directory that contains the files to be searched (for now, assume that there are no subdirectories).
  2. The search engine then creates an inverted index for all the words encountered in the directory. The engine reads each file, extracts all words ignoring spaces and special characters (consider only the following: periods, commas, and colons) and stores them in a suitable data structure (a linked list). The inverted index is therefore a list of lists (the list of words is ordered lexically).
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Your question is literally just I want help, the rest looks like it's a copypaste of an assignment... What specifically do you need help with? – Esailija Nov 7 '12 at 7:28
Why not use Lucene? – 卢声远 Shengyuan Lu Nov 7 '12 at 7:29
Lucene.. Solr.. – madhairsilence Nov 7 '12 at 7:30

What have you tried so far?

If I had to solve this problem, I would probably make a class that searches one file for a string using "indexOf" and then make another class that calls this class for each file in the directory (recursively for sub-directories.)

I don't really see the point of storing the words in an index unless you are looking at that file more than once. I actually did a project like this once and it went something around the lines of:

Step 1: Read file into arraylist of strings

Step 2: Use index of to search the file's arraylist for each file in an arraylist of files

Step 3: Output to user information

Sample run:

Vineets-MacBook-Pro:Grep 16vineetk$ java Fgrep "public"

    line 3: public class Fgrep extends Sgrep implements Runnable {
    line 5: public Fgrep(String a, String b) {
    line 9: public void run () {
    line 17: public static void main(String[] args){

    line 3: public class Sgrep {
    line 10: public Sgrep(String a, String b) {
    line 15: public String getFilename() {
    line 19: public String search(){
    line 56: public static void main(String[] args){

Where my files searched one file and searched multiple files.

If you would like full sourcecode without doing any work then please make sure that you have tried first and you are not using this site for doing your homework.

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