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Both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 is installed on my PC, but when I open a .aspx or .master file from Explorer, it opens in 2005. I would like them to open in 2008.

I could change the file associations manually, but there are quite a lot of file extensions to go through.

Is there an easy way to give all the file associations back to 2008?

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maybe this: Options -> Environment -> General -> Restore File Associations

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Much better than mine - lol –  Preet Sangha Aug 25 '09 at 7:24
Works perfect - thanks :) –  andersbs Aug 25 '09 at 7:28

You should be able to do it like this.

First create a text file (assocs) with all your existing settings

assoc | findstr -i VisualStudio > assocs

Next edit this file change 8.0 to 9.0 in cases like:

.vbdproj=VisualStudio.vbdproj.8.0 -> .vbdproj=VisualStudio.vbdproj.9.0

Next save this file and run the following command to create a batch file to alter the settings:

for /f "tokens=1-10 delims==" %i in (assocs.) do @echo assoc %i=%j >> new_assocs.bat

Finally run the batch file:

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