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When I export MySQL database using phpMyAdmin it exports all the table data perfectly but does not exports PROCEDURES properly. What I got is:

-- Procedures

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `sp_users_save`$$

There should be more code like

CREATE PROCEDURE `sp_user_get`......

till the procedure ends.

Can anyone help me to successfully export database from phpMyAdmin?

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Problem with DELIMITER in phpmyadmin. –  Devart Nov 7 '12 at 7:40
I get the same output when the "DEFINER" attribute of the stored procedure doesn't match the IP address of the machine I am using to connect to the database. To overcome this, I now only create/edit my procedures and functions from within the phpmyadmin installation provided by my web host as that ensures the DEFINER is always set to username@localhost. Unfortunately, this means I cannot view the body of a routine using external tools like MySQL Workbench, but at least I can always get to them from any machine using phpmyadmin. –  w5m Apr 1 '14 at 10:15

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I recommend using adminer ( http://www.adminer.org/ ) as an alternative to phpmyadmin. Phpmyadmin has become really bloted and it's often buggy, slow, and hey; you even get smaller dumps with adminer!

The interface is austere, but once you get used to it it's fantastic. my 2c :)

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Well there is no useful thing I found. It seems that there is a bug in phpMyAdmin. The next day I have tried to access it and its showing me the procedures. I'm not sure what happened but May be its because I've changed delimiter

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