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I have some code following :

<script type='text/javascript'>

function display(obj) {
    var targetDiv = document.getElementById(obj);


<input onClick="display('id')">      <!-it doesn't work in IE8->

<input onClick="display('id');">      <!-it works in IE8->

<input onClick='display("id")'>      <!-it works in IE8->

the original style for the target block is "display:none;", The purpose of the code above is to display the block. I am a beginner in HTML/Js, May someone explain it to me? Many thanks anyway.

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All the alternatives are correct and have exactly the same effect. The semicolon has no impact here; it is just a matter of coding style whether you use it in a context like this or not. Double and single quotation marks, when used properly as here, have the same meaning.

The problem you are facing (whatever it is – you did not specify what “does not work” means) is elsewhere, in some part of the code that was not disclosed. In future, please provide, if possible, a self-contained minimal document that reproduces the issue, preferably with a jsfiddle link for quick checking.

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