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How to select week data (more precisely, last 7 days data) from the current date in the fastest way as I have millions or rows in the table. I have a time stamp of created_date in sql table.

I have tried this

SELECT Created_Date
FROM Table_Name
WHERE Created_Date >= DATEADD(day,-7, GETDATE())

I have two question:

  1. Is this query is correct?
  2. Is this is the fastest way to get the last seven day data from a table having millions of rows ?
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Yes, the syntax is accurate and it should be fine.

Here is the SQL Fiddle Demo I created for your particular case

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  1. The query is correct

2A. As far as last seven days have much less rows than whole table an index can help

2B. If you are interested only in Created_Date you can try using some group by and count, it should help with the result set size

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