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I am trying to made upload files with jshelper.

In my view:

<?php echo $this->Form->create('Form', array(
    'inputDefaults' => array(
    'format' => array('before', 'error', 'label', 'between', 'input', 'after'),),
    'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data'
echo $this->Form->input('Form.file', array('type' => 'file', 'id'=>'file'));
        array('controller' => 'ControllerForm','action' => 'actionForm'),
        'async' => true, 
        'method' => 'post', 
        'data'=> $this->Js->serializeForm(array(
            'isForm' => false,
            'inline' => true,
echo $this->Js->writeBuffer();
echo $this->Form->end(); 

In my controller:

public function actionForm(){

But debugger::dump output empty array.

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Debugging thoughts: Are you getting any JS errors in your browser console? What does CakePHP's generated JS look like? Is the request actually being sent? What does the request body contain? –  Ben Graham Nov 8 '12 at 5:54
Not an answer to your question directly, but the CakePHP uploads plugin may be an easier way to achieve the same functionality –  baordog Sep 11 '13 at 14:18

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Man as I know you cannot send file using ajax (include xhrRequestObject2 in Chrome). Firstly in server side you check post data instanted debug($_FILES), but that as I wrote is empty. Use old good iframe to send data to server.

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