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in my website there is a jQuery function for rotating images, i want to add a my own class in to its for some customization the actual code is

c.append("<ul class="+b.paginationClass+"></ul>")

I want to add/append a class "test" into it like the following

c.append("<ul class="+b.paginationClass+" test"+"></ul>")

i put a space because want a space after paginationClass class, but i got result is

<ul class="pagination" test="" >

i expect <ul class="pagination test" > like this Please help

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did you try $(element).addClass('class'); –  Pragnesh Chauhan Nov 7 '12 at 9:13

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c.append("<ul class='"+b.paginationClass+" test'></ul>")
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Thanks i got answer from here –  Elby Nov 7 '12 at 9:17

Create an element the proper way using jQuery. jQuery will try to normalize your string as much as possible, but append is not html().

c.append($('<ul></ul>', { 'class': b.paginationClass + ' test' }));


c.html(c.html() + '<ul class="' + b.paginationClass + ' test"></ul>');
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