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I have to trim the website name upto ".com" or"co.in" in sql

example: lets assume i have site address as"http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?title=trim". I need to get the result as "stackoverflow.com".

some scenario it may be like "www.google.co.in" then i need it to be "google.co.in"

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@see stackoverflow.com/questions/12815258/… (though that question wants the protocol, so not an exact duplicate) –  therefromhere Nov 7 '12 at 9:47

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Please use the below SQL code to extract the domain name:

SET @WebUrl = 'http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?title=trim'

SELECT @WebUrl AS 'WebsiteURL',
       (CASE WHEN CHARINDEX('//',@WebUrl)=0 
            THEN 5 
            ELSE  CHARINDEX('//',@WebUrl) + 2
            END), 35),
       WHEN CHARINDEX('/', SUBSTRING(@WebUrl, CHARINDEX('//', @WebUrl) + 2, 35))=0 
       THEN LEN(@WebUrl) 
       else CHARINDEX('/', SUBSTRING(@WebUrl, CHARINDEX('//', @WebUrl) + 2, 35))- 1
       ) AS 'Domain';
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Thanks deepak,but how will it work if the url is like"www.google.co.in" ?. –  user1117040 Nov 7 '12 at 9:28
Please use this SQL code for this –  Deepak.Aggrawal Nov 7 '12 at 9:35

Use SQLCLR function and leverage the System.Uri class.

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Here is the code, use substring. It will work for both .com and .co.in

DECLARE @string VARCHAR(50),  @ind int = 0
SET @string = 'http://stackoverflow.co.in/questions/ask?title=trim'

SET @ind=  charindex('.com', @string)  

IF @ind = 0
    SET @ind=  charindex('.co.in', @string)  
    Print SUBSTRING ( @string ,0 , @ind+6 )
    Print SUBSTRING ( @string ,0 , @ind +4)
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How about this:

SET @Var='http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask?title=trim'

SET @Var=REPLACE(@Var,'http://','')
    SET @Var=RIGHT(@Var, len(@Var)-4)

IF(PATINDEX('%.com%', @Var)<>0)
    SELECT SUBSTRING(@Var,0, PATINDEX('%.com%', @Var)+4)
ELSE IF (PATINDEX('%.co.%', @Var)<>0)
    SELECT SUBSTRING(@Var,0, PATINDEX('%.co.%', @Var)+6)
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