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I'm a LESS newbie just trying to use it initally to remove some duplication form my stylessheets. I'm trying to add a variable to a (relatively) complex selector in less 1.2.21 using the following code:

@current_house_id: 97;
ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item-@current_house_id {
    background: #8cb4e8 url(images/family-current.png) no-repeat 97% 50%;

For the avoidance of doubt the original css would have been:

ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item-97 {
    background: #8cb4e8 url(images/family-current.png) no-repeat 97% 50%;

When I compile this with lessc I get error:

Syntax Error: on line 268: expected one of [ ( . # * - :: : @media @font-face , { ; got @ after: ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item-

I've tried various escaping mechanisms suggested here and elsewhere but nothing seems to work, perhaphs this isn't supported in less? If it isn't I guess I could do the less equivlent of a case on ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item and apply the items one at a time?

Any help much appreciated.

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This doesn't make too much sense to me. When does @current_house_id ever change? Why not use a class? – deceze Nov 7 '12 at 9:39
The same style sheet is used across multiple sites and several different selectors refer to the variable. In addition the id numbers are set by wordpress menu creation. – Jona Nov 7 '12 at 9:41
I'd still suggest you use a class on the element in question instead of dynamically altering the CSS. – deceze Nov 7 '12 at 10:40

The following:

@b: 3;

(~'.tester@{b}') {
    font-size: 20px;


.tester3 {
    font-size: 20px;

Your solution:

@current_house_id: 97;
(~'ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item-@{current_house_id}') {    }


ul#house-family-menu li#menu-item-97 {    }


1.4.0-beta looks to have changed this (http://lesscss.org/):

(~".myclass_@{index}") { ... 

selector interpolation is deprecated, do this instead

.myclass_@{index} { .... 


You cannot do selector interpolation, as expected (v1.5.0 at least), if selector is a pseudo element. Open issue: https://github.com/less/less.js/issues/1294

Work around:

.myMixin(@whichPseudo) {
  @pseudo-selector: ~":@{whichPseudo}";
    &@{pseudo-selector} {
       background: red;

#someEl1 {

#someEl2 {
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