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I want to do post-deploy script using standalone wsadmin. It should delete all caches on profile (/profile/temp /profile/myCacheFolder). My question is, is it possible to do this with wsadmin? If so how? Can I somehow use AdminConfig.deleteDocument or something like this?

thank you

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With AntAgent MBean you can upload ant script and then invoke it on remote node:

from java.lang import String
import jarray

fileContent = '<project name="cleanup" default="cleanup"><target name="cleanup"><delete dir="${user.install.root}/temp" /><delete dir="${user.install.root}/wstemp" /></target></project>'
antAgent = AdminControl.makeObjectName(AdminControl.queryNames('WebSphere:*,type=AntAgent,process=dmgr'))

str = String(fileContent)
bytes = str.getBytes()

AdminControl.invoke_jmx(antAgent, 'putScript', [String('cleanup.xml'),bytes], jarray.array(['java.lang.String', '[B'], String))

AdminControl.invoke_jmx(antAgent, 'invokeAnt', [jarray.array([], String), String('cleanup.xml'), String('cleanup')], jarray.array(['[Ljava.lang.String;', 'java.lang.String', 'java.lang.String'], String))

fileContent variable is you Ant script, you may have to tweak it a bit more, especially on Windows in order to deal with blocked files/directories.

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thank you Marcin – bilak Nov 9 '12 at 10:07

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