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Possible Duplicate:
Quartz.Net scheduler works locally but not on remote host

when i use this code:

job code:

Public Class ImportJob
Implements IJob
Public Sub Execute(context As IJobExecutionContext) Implements IJob.Execute
    '''some code
End Sub
End Class

trigger code:

Public Class ScheduleManager
Public Shared Property Scheduler As IScheduler
  Public Sub RunTrigger()
    Dim startTime As DateTimeOffset
        startTime = DateBuilder.DateOf(20, 0, 0)

    Dim scheduler = GetScheduler
    Dim job As IJobDetail = JobBuilder.Create(Of ImportJob)().WithIdentity("jobname").Build()
    Dim trigger As ITrigger
        trigger = TriggerBuilder.Create().ForJob(job).WithIdentity("som Name").WithDescription("some Desc").StartAt(startTime).WithSimpleSchedule(Function(x) x.WithIntervalInHours(24).RepeatForever).Build()

    scheduler.ScheduleJob(job, trigger)
End Sub
Public ReadOnly Property GetScheduler As IScheduler
        If Scheduler Is Nothing Then
            Scheduler = New StdSchedulerFactory().GetScheduler()
        End If
        Return Scheduler
    End Get
End Property

End Class

and in global:

 Sub Application_Start(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    ' Code that runs on application startup
    Dim schde As New ScheduleManager
End Sub

i use this trigger and job for scheduling,when i use that code trigger must be fire in 20:00,but trigger not fire? thanks.

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I believe this is a duplicate of Quartz.Net scheduler works locally but not on remote host . So please use a global reference to your scheduler factory and be aware of application pool recycles.

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