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I have a dataset with pairs {x: somevalue, y: count} where some value is a day of the week in a form of (1..7) where 1 is Sunday. On the Ricskshaw chart I would like to display (Mon, Tue..etc) respectively on the X axis. How do I do that. At the moment I do

var ticksTreatment = 'glow';
var xAxisQPerDay = new Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.Time( {
          graph: graphQPerDay,
          ticksTreatment: ticksTreatment
      } );

but this gives me of course default 1s, 2s, 3s etc...

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Something like this should work:

var xAxisQPerDay = new Rickshaw.Graph.Axis.X({
    graph: graphQPerDay,
    tickFormat: function(x) {
        switch (x) {
            case 1: return 'Mon';
            case 2: return 'Tue';
            case 3: return 'Wed';
            case 4: return 'Thu';
            case 5: return 'Fri';
            case 6: return 'Sat';
            case 7: return 'Sun';

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