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Can someone propose best organization of directory structure for ZF2. For example I have:

  • several Controller helpers,
  • custom View hwlpers
  • additional libraries like PHPExcel
  • custom classes
  • Auth, ACL classes
  • Event handlers, so on

So which is the best(well read) directory organization for this.

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There are two structures: an application structure and a module structure.


The default and recommended directory structure for your application is as follows:


There is a config/application.config.php file and inside the config/autoload directory you have application specific configuration which overrides any module specific configuration.

Inside the module/ directory you put all your application modules. If you use 3rd party modules or you made some reusable modules, you better put those inside the vendor/ directory. That way you have a clear distinction between application specific modules and non-application specific modules.

The public/ is your webroot. There you have the index.php and you might put your styles, scripts and other assets there.

Example: a perfect example is to have a directory PHPExcel inside the vendor/ directory.


A module has a default and recommended structure as follows:


All your php code goes into src/. Because src/ follows the PSR-0 standard, you have your top namespaces (MyModule) repeated inside the src/ directory. Under this directory, you have all your module code.

Just like the helpers in Zend Framework 2 (Zend\Mvc\Controller\Plugin\SomePlugin), I would put them inside the Controller/Plugin directory. For view helpers you have the same: analogue to Zend\View\Helper\SomeHelper I would suggest you put your helpers inside the View/Helper directory.

Then you're left with "custom classes", "auth, acl classses" and "event handlers, so on". This really depends on the work they do. I have sometimes a Listeners/ directory in my module source, where event listeners are located. Acl and authentication can be stored inside Auth/ and Acl/ directories too. It just really depends on the case and here it is most important you follow PSR-0 and the source is encapsuled in a module.

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