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I'm using Hadoop MapReduce these days and i found it really powerful to handle big data.

Now i'm curious about its implementations :

1.After lots of Mappers read a big file concurrently and finish the map task, How MapReduce kernel deal with those Mappers' results ?

Say, the basic word count task, the mapper will return lots of key-value(word,count) pairs, what will happen to these key-value pairs? How they are stored in HDFS and why ?

2.After the Mapper task, the Combiners or Reducers should take those key value pairs as input, where Combiner/Reducer load those data pairs and how ?

3.When the Reducer task finished, i have noticed the output were well sorted, how did they do that (which sorting algorithm or data structure they use ) ? ?

If you know any article about these questions, please help me, i'm eager to know the answer, so many thanks !

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Please read this Tutorial Module on Yahoo Developer Network to your question.

This clearly explains the Data Flow of Map Reduce in Hadoop.

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