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(Interbase ToGo is an embedded version of the InterBase sql database.)

I am doing a simple evaluation of InterBase ToGo by accessing it from a Windows 7 app. However, when I run my application I get a popup saying "product INTERBASE is not licenced.". Dismissing the popup terminates my application.

I have carefully examined the files being opened using Sysinternal's Process Monitor tool, and as far as I can see the license files I got from Embarcadero (the company behind InterBase) are being read from the correct paths.

I also have over 80 days left of my 90-day trial license for IB ToGo, so that should not be a problem.

Has anyone gotten InterBase ToGo to work lately when using a trial license?

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This works after all. The problem may likely have been that only one connection may be active at a time on an InterBase ToGo database. I may have had the database open in Rad Studio at the same time as I was trying to use it from a running application.

In this case I created a simple application with Rad Studio XE3. I used VCL and dbExpress for creating the application. The steps were:

  1. Create database file with the IBConnect tool. This ensures texts are UTF-8 encoded (non-english texts). Make sure char/nchar columns have charset utf8 for good measure.
  2. Create project in XE3
  3. Add TSQLConnection and TSQLDataSet components to VCL form. Setup references amongst them.
  4. Ensure "server charset" is utf8 on the connection.
  5. Add a TStringGrid to the form
  6. Create a livebinding from the Grid to to the Data Set.
  7. Add an SQL statement to the Data Set, e.g. select * from customers
  8. Ensure DataSet's Open() function is called.

The grid should now be filled with (example) data!

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