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There are some people who their checkins cannot be seen through the 'checkins' of the graph api, and neither through the search?q=checkins

Those people's checkins will only be published in their /fbid/feed as type 'status' but if i want to get their checkins with all my friends as i do in the 'search' function, i cannot.

I have all the permissions with the access key..

Anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.

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Usually, the bugs that concern "some people", seemingly randomly, are about personal privacy settings. I had one such problem when querying if a user had liked my page : it worked for everyone whose likes where public but I needed user_likes for the others.

Hope it helps.

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You're right.. It turns out there are privacy settings especially for apps. Thanks!!! –  Amit Attias Nov 7 '12 at 20:35

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