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I'm using the NetVibes UWA widget framework.

I'm trying to pass multiple parameters to my callback function, which right now, looks like this:

UWA.Data.getJson(List.URL + '?cmd=getCoursesFromSubjects&faculty=' + subject, List.tickCheckboxes);

Ideally I'd like to do something like this:

var checked = ('#input').attr("checked");
UWA.Data.getJson(List.URL + '?cmd=getCoursesFromSubjects&faculty=' + subject, List.tickCheckboxes(data,checked));

But that doesn't work. I've looked at other answers and tried "closure" techniques, but then my data comes back as null.

Is this a limitation of the UWA format or am I just doing the closures wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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Ah, worked it out. Was doing my closure wrong.

UWA.Data.getJson(List.URL + '?cmd=getSubjectsFromFaculties&faculty=' + faculty, (function(thischecked) {
                  return function(data) {
                     List.tickCheckboxes(data, thischecked);
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