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I need to replace a check box in existing pdf with new check box using ItextSharp.

While reading the Pdf how do I know the location of form field which I am reading.

rectangle measures and page information (If the form field I am reading now is in page number 6).

Precisely what I want to know is how to know existing form field location while reading? Can anyone provide some sample code on finding location and page.

Why am I trying to replace existing pdf? you can find the reason here..

Unable to print Check Boxes in pdf


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Once you have a PdfReader, you can easily access the AcroFields of the reader which hold the coordinates of all fields:

PdfReader pdfReader = new PdfReader(inputFilename);
AcroFields acroFields = pdfReader.AcroFields;
IList<FieldPosition> positions = acroFields.GetFieldPositions(fieldName);

You get a list of FieldPosition elements (each containing a page number and a rectangle) because a PDF form field may have multiple visualizations. In your case the list most likely contains but one element.

The method documentation of GetFieldPositions is a bit out of date, though. ;)

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Thanks for the answer. –  Jayee Nov 7 '12 at 22:50

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