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I am using VS2005 in Windows 7 64bit platform. One of my application is trying to create a new process using CreateProcess API. While creating a process, API returns error 0. I checked the error code using GetLastError(), I got 740: The Requested Operation Requires Elevation. Application that trying to create the new process has Administrative privileges.

I use the following code to create process:

// Create the process using modified stratup info
int nRetVal = CreateProcess( (LPSTR)strFullPath.c_str(),
                             0, 0, FALSE, 0 , 0,
                             &StartupInfo, &ProcInfo );

How can I launch a new process from my application without turning off UAC?

While building the parent application I am getting the following warning:

App.manifest: manifest authoring warning 81010002: Unrecognized Element "requestedPrivileges" in namespace "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v2".

Regards, Nixon

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Are you filling out the process and thread attributes of the CreateProcess function? Can you show us that code? Have you considered ShellExecuteEx instead? – RutgersMike Nov 7 '12 at 19:30
Actually my parent application is launching DCOM server and I am trying to create the new process from DCOM module. Please see the code portion below. `// Create the process using modified stratup info int nRetVal = CreateProcess( (LPSTR)strFullPath.c_str(), (LPSTR)strCmdLine.c_str(), 0, 0, FALSE, 0 , 0, (LPSTR)strWorkingDir.c_str(), //NULL, &StartupInfo, &ProcInfo );' – Nix Nov 8 '12 at 3:56

The error you have describes the issue: The Requested Operation Requires Elevation. So you have to start with it:

  • Are you sure your parent application has full administrative rights?
  • Did it request elevation when you launched it?

Since you get the warning while building it, you must have an invalid manifest. UAC manifest does not have requestedPrivileges element, it's rather requestedExecutionLevel:

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Try using ShellExecute() function instead of CreateProcess()


  • CreateProcess() creates a child process with same permissions, it's the most low-level API
  • ShellExecute/Ex() delegates process creation to the shell (which can detect if the app requires privileges). If manifest allows running app as non-admin, pass lpOperation=L"runas" to elevate it manually
  • _wsystem() creates a new cmd.exe /c app.exe process (I guess, via CreateProcess) thus delegating process creation to the Command Prompt
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Can you please elaborate your answer ? – JFPicard Nov 23 '15 at 17:54

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