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use Mojo::Base -strict;
use Mojo::DOM;
use Mojo::Util qw(decode);
use Mojo::UserAgent;
my $uri = 'http://efremova.info/word/statja.html';
my $sel = 'td#centerCnt ol li';
my $charset = 'windows-1251';
my $tx = Mojo::UserAgent->new()->get($uri);
my $res->headers->content_type("text/html; charset=$charset");
my $dom = $res->dom;
my $el = $dom->at($sel) or die "selector $sel not found";
$el->find('span.nobr')->each(sub { $_->replace($_->text) });
my $text = $el->text;
binmode(STDOUT, ':encoding(UTF-8)');

get error: Can't call method "headers" on an undefined value at search.pl line 10.

what should I do?

Thanks a lot

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retagged mojo to mojolicious because this is the name of the web framework you're using here. – memowe Nov 7 '12 at 12:58
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You forget that, you need to first get res from tx.

my $tx = Mojo::UserAgent->new()->get($uri);

my $res = $tx->res;

$res->headers->content_type("text/html; charset=$charset");
my $dom = $res->dom;
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Variable declarations with my are structured like this:


(bracketed parts are optional.)

When you just do my $name, you declare a new variable but haven't yet assigned to it, so the value is undef. Do note that inside the expression, the variable that is being defined isn't accessible.

The expression undef eq (my $undef) evaluates to true: The value of the new variable is undef. Actually, declarations are expressions themselves, returning Lvalues.

$ perl -Mstrict -E'my $three = my $foo + 2 + (my $bar=1); say $three'

In non-strict mode, you could say my $weird = $weird + 2, which would evaluate to 2. In strict mode, this isn't allowed unless you have a global variable with the same name.

Your syntax my $undefined->method_call is a bit unusual and evaluates to (undef)->method_call which isn't possible (except with autoboxing).

The solution:

  1. use strict; use warnings;

  2. Declare and initialize your variable first, then call methods on it.

In this special case, to retrieve the content type, you could do

my $content_type = $tx->res->headers->content_type;

Setting the content type does not carry any meaning. To retrieve the DOM, you could do

my $dom = $tx->res->dom;

If you like long method chains, you could do

my $el =
   or die "..."

Documentation on the Mojo Modules:



Documentation on my:

http://perldoc.perl.org/functions/my.html (Following the links is recommended)

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