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I'm trying to do function to sliding new added content, using jQuery slide effect but I can't apply any solutions to put two divs in a single line. How to fix code below to slide from left to the right side by side? Maybe this code is completely to rebuild?

jsFiddle: jsfiddle


$(function() {
    $('#edit').toggle(function() {
        var newhtml = '<input type="text" id="hello_input" value="" />';
    }, function() {
        var newhtml = $("#hello_input").val();

function slideNewContent(c) {
    var slideOut = $("#slideOut");
    var slideIn = $("#slideIn");
    slideOutIn(slideOut, slideIn);

function slideOutIn(outElement, inElement) {
    var hideoptions = { "direction": "right", "mode": "hide" };
    var showoptions = { "direction": "left", "mode": "show" };
    $(outElement).effect("slide", hideoptions, 1000);
    $(inElement).effect("slide", showoptions, 1000);


<div class="span3">
    <div id="slider">
        <div id="slideIn" class="content">
                <span id="hello"></span>
                <button class="btn btn-mini" id="edit">Edit</button>
        <div id="slideOut" class="content"></div>


#slider {
    display: inline-block;
#slideIn {
   width: 270px;
  /*display: inline;*/
#slideOut {
    width: 270px;
  /*display: inline;*/
#hello_input {
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Make the .content float:left; – caiohamamura Jan 19 at 14:42

Edit to this

$(outElement).effect("slide", hideoptions, 0);
    $(inElement).effect("slide", showoptions, 0);
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