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I followed the site http://elentok.blogspot.com/2011/10/install-phpunit-on-wampserver.html for installing PHPUnit framework for unit testing in PHP. I have downloaded both pear and PHPUnit. I have installed both of them by following the steps described in above website. That worked also. but at last, i tried to run the php program:::

class MyTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    public function testOneEqualsOne()
      $this->assertEquals(1, 1);

-> I typed the command phpunit Mytest.php in command prompt, but doesn't run. And showed the error phpunit is not recognized as internal or external command,operable program or batch file. I have tried it on c:\wampp\www\myproject> . How to run this code and use PHPUnit testing framework properly? Is there anything wrong in installation? I have installed PHPUnit on wampp server. If I am wrong, please help me for installing PHPUnit and using it properly. My system is Windows 07 64-bit, and I am using wampp server.

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Did you, in any way, include the PHPUnit classes into your Mytest.php? –  N.B. Nov 7 '12 at 11:52
no i have not included, how to do that?? Can we include it by simply writing (include 'phpunit classname'; ) command in top of my code MyTest.php? –  Sandesh Sharma Nov 7 '12 at 11:54

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you have to include the Autoload.php file in you php test file:

require_once 'path/to/PHPUnit/Autoload.php';
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