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I want read table contents from a RTF file along with table cell color information. In my RTF file, the color table defined as ,


and I have the RTF for table header row as ,

\trowd \trql\trgaph90\trleft-90\trautofit1
\intbl \widctlpar\keep\hyphpar0
\ql{Product Name\cell

Table cell background information are given as "\clcfpat7\clcbpat8\clshdng2000".

Please help me to find the correct color of the table cell from the color information.

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The colors are in index order

  1 =  \red0\green0\blue0;
  2 =  \red0\green0\blue255;
  3 =  \red0\green255\blue255;
  4 =  \red0\green255\blue0;
  5 =  \red255\green0\blue255;
  6 =  \red255\green0\blue0;
  7 =  \red255\green255\blue0;
  8 =  \red255\green255\blue255;
  9 =  \red0\green0\blue128;
  10 = \red0\green128\blue0;
  11 = \red128\green0\blue128;
  12 = \red128\green0\blue0;
  13 = \red128\green128\blue0;
  14 = \red128\green128\blue128;
  15 = \red192\green192\blue192;

This control \clcbpat8 is saying, paint the background of the cell with color number 8, which is white in your list. Change it to 9, and you get a darker blue.

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