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Hello I'm using shadow box - everything is working fine but I have two uses for it on one page one is a gallery where people scroll through images continuously and the other is an iframe for a form.

how do I remove the next and previous button from the iframe but not the gallery

    displayCounter: false,
    continuous: true <- need to disable for iframe only


<a rel="shadowbox[contact];width=420;height=520" href="contact.php?profileID=">Click here</a>


<a rel="shadowbox[trader]" href="<?php echo $images[0]; ?>">Click here</a>
<a rel="shadowbox[trader]" href="<?php echo $images[1]; ?>">Click here</a>
<a rel="shadowbox[trader]" href="<?php echo $images[2]; ?>">Click here</a>
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Did you take a look into the docs and the usage section? You don't need multiple scripts - that would only cause problems and is completely unnecessary.

Instead, leave the init() function alone and use the setup() function. Something like this should work (for this snippet to work you need the according class on you links):

    displayCounter: false

Shadowbox.setup("a.noniframe", {
      continuous: true

Shadowbox.setup("iframe a", {
      continuous: false
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you can do it by deleting the name of the gallery from the rel

here we go you have:

<a rel="shadowbox[contact];width=420;height=520" href="contact.php?profileID=">Click here</a>

so it must be like this:

<a rel="shadowbox;width=420;height=520" href="contact.php?profileID=">Click here</a>

just remove the [contact] and it will be fine

hope the below code is helping :)

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