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How can one change datagridview column width? I have tried the following way but it does not work. Why is it unchanged?

  string[] strArrDoctor = new string[] {"ID", "Name", "Specialization", "Contact No", "Experience(Years)", "Delete" };
           //strin of array which contains Patient table columns names
            string[] strArrPatient = new string[] {"ID", "Name", "Join Date", "Ailment", "Doctor ID", "Delete" };
            if (rBtnDoctor.Checked)
                for (int intIndex = 0; intIndex < dgvShowRecords.Columns.Count; intIndex++)
                    //assigning Column names with our specified String of arrays
                    dgvShowRecords.Columns[intIndex].HeaderText = strArrDoctor[intIndex];
                for (int intIndex = 0; intIndex < dgvShowRecords.Columns.Count;      intIndex++)
            //dgvShowRecords is Datagridview Name
            dgvShowRecords.Columns["Name"].Resizable = DataGridViewTriState.True;
            dgvShowRecords.Columns["Name"].Width = 200;
            dgvShowRecords.Columns["ID"].Width = 20;

please anyone know reason why it is unchanged let me know.

enter image description here

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thanks for providing. I have wasted lot of time for this small line.. –  rangasathish Nov 7 '12 at 13:49
you're welcome.:-) stay strong! –  Sylca Nov 7 '12 at 13:51

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