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Requirement called for SlickGrid filtering via a button click rather than default autocomplete so I modified the updateFilter() method just so ('#display' is the button ID):

$('#display').click(function() {

     function updateFilter() {
        theString = $('#txtSearch').val();
        while(theString.substring(0,1)==" ")
             theString = theString.substring(1, theString.length);
        searchString = new String(theString);

Pretty simple... I just grab the value in the textbox when the button is clicked then I make sure it's a string and pass it to "searchString" for processing. What you'll notice is that I also had to trim a leading space or the filter would consistently fail to first time through. Firebug trace would show " 57", for example, rather than the actual "57". This would cause the return to clear the grid (I assume because it couldn't match the leading space). Requirement also called for a "Clear Filter" link which reset the filter (including the "#txtSearch" textbox). The filter would always work after it was cleared and trace showed no leading space. Both theString and searchString were initialized at top of script (=""). My question is, why does this happen and where does the leading space it come from?

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Nevermind... self inflicted wound. Turns out that I initialized the textbox with value=" ". Sorry!

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