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I've created a model for the base table, the one with the infos. Then another model for the images table, and extended it to my generic images model, which is the following:

class Application_Model_GenericImages extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract {
   public function getImage($relCol, $id) {
     $db = $this->getDefaultAdapter();
     return $db->fetchRow("SELECT * FROM {$_name} 
                           WHERE {$_name}.{$relCol} = '{$id}'");


The model for the images table is like:

class Application_Model_ImagesTable extends Application_Model_GenericImages {
   protected $_name = 'images_table';

Then on the controller i do the following:

$infoTable = $this->view->infoTable = new Application_Model_InfoTable();
/* I haven't made the info table here because there's no point to... */
$imagesModel = $this->view->imagesModel = new Application_Model_ImagesTable();

And finally on the view it's like:

foreach ($infoTable->fetchAll() as $info) {
  //Print Some Info
  $image = $this->imageModel->getImage('info_id', $info->id);

Is this wrong? If it is, how bad is this and how's the right way to do it?

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The question make no sense. There are a lot of things wrong with your code (including possible SQL injections). Also, you shouldn't be using Zend_Db_Table_Abstract as base for your model layer structures. Model is not a DB abstraction. – tereško Nov 7 '12 at 18:16