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How can I get the INDEXED array result?

$qry1 = DB::select('name')->from('people')->execute();

$assoc_array = $qry1->as_array();
$object      = $qry1->as_object();

// $indexed_array = [...]

Only for learning purposes, thanks.

It's like:

$indexed_result[0]; // Name
// $indexed_result[1];
// $indexed_result[2];
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Do you want to get an array of names like array(0 => 'John', 1 => 'Sam')?

You should call $names = $gry1->as_array(NULL, 'name');

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Thanks! Exactly what I was searching for. –  Giovanne Afonso Nov 9 '12 at 10:53


The method as_assoc() will remove the object name and return the results set back to an associative array. Since this is the default, this method is seldom required.

So just do your execution.

But if you want only one row take a look at the current() method.

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Sorry, this is not what I want... I edited my ask and gave an example. Thanks for the reply :) –  Giovanne Afonso Nov 8 '12 at 13:46

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