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My app cod size is 90kb and when compiling it, it gives run time error

Error: jar command failed: jar -cfm "E:\Blackberry Workspace\Kenexa\deliverables\Standard\7.1.0\Kenexa.jar" C:\Users\Acer\AppData\Local ...
Packaging project Kenexa failed (took 9.129 seconds)

I have set the classpath in the system variable but its not the path problem I think, its related to the cod size I guess. When I delete any class or when the cod file size shrinks to 89kb then it runs. How to get this problem sovled?

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How are you building your app? From the normal BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin? From the legacy RIM JDE? Please don't apply both the blackberry-eclipse-plugin tag, and the blackberry-jde tag to your question, unless you have tried building in both IDEs, and are getting the same exact error. Thanks. – Nate Nov 7 '12 at 22:54
Well I used: BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin And Okay, Do you know its solution? – Ahmad Shahwaiz Nov 8 '12 at 6:38

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