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this is the first time I'm working with the jQuery Masonry Plugin.

The problem I have is that I'm working with two sizes of .boxes. So there is a basic size of 180x120px and double the size of `360x240px``

And in order to explain my problem I made quick mockup of the site i'm currently working on.

enter image description here

What you can see here is the grid I have that is already working with masonry. The numbers in the boxes represent the order of the boxes in the DOM.

As you can see there is a "space" missing in the upper right corner since DOM-element nr5 is a large box.

Now my question Is it possible (or is there a setting for masonry) so that in this case Nr.7 would float to the upper right corner? I just don't want to have any spaces left!

Any ideas?

The code I'm working with is this …

          columnWidth: 180, 
          itemSelector: '.box:not(.invis)',
          animate: true,
            animationOptions: {
              duration: 650,
              easing: 'linear',
              singleMode: true,
              queue: true

Thank you in advance.

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Try the wookmark jquery plugin if it fix your problem. The wookmark plugin is the same like masonry and it's also using a bin-packing algorithm. But I don't think the masonry plugin waste space because there is too many combinations. It's a np complete or hard problem. When you can solve it in polynominal time you are a rich man!?

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