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I want to use ECLIM plugin for VIM during android development.

The main problem : I can't run my project from eclim, so I can't see logs and errors.

I know such command :

  :Ant debug install

This command compiles and updates my project to connected device. I have to run it manually. I'm not lazy, and is not problem to run it.

But I wish to see runtime's Logs.:)

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open a terminal,and input adb logcat,then you can see the log. have a try :)

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If you want to see it exclusively within vim then :!adb logcat will display the logs.

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Use this in vim:

:!ant debug install && adb shell am start -n your.package.name/.YourActivityName

That will fire up the app in your device. For logging I just want to complement that if you log in your app use a tag and filter the log by a tag like so: adb logcat -s "tagname"

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