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In Sinatra app I have

  require 'mongoid'

  class App
    configure do 
        Mongoid.configure do |config|
          name = "my_db"
          host = "localhost"
          config.master = Mongo::Connection.new.db(name)
          config.slaves = [Mongo::Connection.new(host, 27017, :slave_ok => true).db(name)]
          config.persist_in_safe_mode = false

    gem "mongoid", "~> 3.0.0"
    gem "bson_ext"

and it gives me an error "`const_missing': uninitialized constant App::Mongo (NameError)" How do I fix it?

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This is due to the fact that Mongoid 3.x no longer uses the 10Gen Ruby driver so Mongo module will not be loaded by require 'mongoid'. You need to use the new Mongoid.load! method. You may have to change your config.yml file a bit as the syntax has changed. Please see http://mongoid.org/en/mongoid/docs/installation.html

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