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I am just trying to do some quick debugging of some Python script, but I am struggeling a bit as I am a complete newbie with the syntax. I get some data in via the network, that is assigned as you can see in the following:

a = self.block.decode('hex')[95:63:-1]
b = self.midstate.decode('hex')[::-1]
payload = a + b 
print("Data Received {} \n", payload)

I would be interested in two things:

  1. How many bytes/bit are hold in payload? I tried payload__len() but that did not work

  2. I would like to output the payload value in 32 bit hex word, anyone knows how this can be done with Python?

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for 1:

in python length is a seperate from the object. so, len(payload) gives you the length of payload, as long as payload is an object that can have length.


>>> lst = [1,2,3,4]
>>> len(lst)

for 2:

python 2.5: how to convert float to hex?

example for you:

>>> hex(800)
>>> hex(123456789)
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