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I have OU (say ou1) in AD server and it has a user (say user1). I want query all the users belong to a OU of AD directory server. I am trying as show below :

SearchControls ouctls = new SearchControls();
String[] ouattrIDs = {"displayname", "mail", "canonicalName", "memberOf","Users"};

NamingEnumeration ouanswer = ctx.search("dc=exam,dc=com","(objectclass=group)", ouctls);

and by these I am not find user attribute populated.

while (ouAnswer.hasMoreElements()) {
        SearchResult rslt = (SearchResult) ouAnswer.next();
        Attributes attrs = rslt.getAttributes();
        //log.debug("Group attributes"+attrs.get("cn"));
        Attribute temp = attrs.get("cn");

Can you please help me in finding user object under a OU.

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If by this you mean that user1 is subordinate to ou=ou1 and you know the distinguished name of the ou, use that as the base object in the search request. For example, if the ou is immediately subordinate to dc=exam,dc=com, use ou=ou1,dc=exam,dc=com as the base object in the search. In this case, if you know that the user entries are immediately subordinate to ou=ou1, the search scope can be tightened to one level. Otherwise, subtree scope must be used. Use a filter that narrows the results that would be returned from the server. In the example you give, perhaps the filter should be: (&(cn=user1)(objectclass=group)). This assumes that the naming attribute of user1 is cn and the entry is a member of objectClass `group. Use the correct values in the code for the LDAP client.

see also

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