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This link calls the javascript event onclick. I don't know what this part is doing though:


This is part of a Peoplesoft application. Could someone please explain to me what happens when the user clicks this link? Here is the rest of the code..

<a id="Left" class="NCCPUSHBUTTON" onclick="javascript:iContentOpen('/psc/'+iGetSiteName()+'/EMPL/EMP/d/EPPCM_CONTENT_MMT.EPM_PUB_VIEWER.GBL?Action=U&EPPCM_CONTENTID=9732&EPPCM_CATG_TYPE=R',true)" href="javascript:;">
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Naïve answer: When the user click on the link, the javascript method is fired. – Steve B Nov 7 '12 at 14:21
iContentOpen is called with 2 parameters, a string and a boolean – dark_ruby Nov 7 '12 at 14:22
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It starts out with a label that does nothing because there is no loop (presumably the author thinks they are saying "this is JavaScript" (they aren't)).

Then it calls a function with two arguments, a string (made up of concatenating some other strings and the return value of another function call) and a boolean.

You haven't shared those two functions with us (and they aren't JS built-ins or browser build-ins) so we have no idea what they might do.

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